Blockbuster |: Ramunion,established in The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia which was the first Chinese public welfare organization registered in Africa and provided emergency rescue services.

On 12th Aug. 2019, Ramunion was awarded International Public Welfare Organization Registration Certificate by Ethiopian Ministry of social security (Civil Affairs),as the first Chinese emergency rescue  public welfare organization which legally registered in Africa. The government of Ethiopia authorized Ramunion to carry out disaster rescue, training rescues skills, anti-poverty aid, cultural exchange public benefit activities, which represented the big step of “Go Out”of Chinese nongovernmental organizations.



Ethiopia is an inland country which locates in northeast of Africa, it is called the “roof of Africa” ,and one of the world’s least developed countries as well, the capital Addis Ababa is the site of the AU headquarters. On 24th Nov. 1970,China and Ethiopia established the diplomatic relations, with long-term maintenance of opening, cooperation friendly relation. The metro of  Ethiopias capital Addis Ababa was built by China Railway Group Limited and started operation in 2015.

In 2003, the Global Chinese Public Welfare Organization Ramunion was founded in Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province, the public benefit activities all over the country and many abroad countries and areas, the development of Ramunion as the Global Chinese Public Welfare Organization has been widely concerned by the community. And it has been evaluated by Zhejiang Provincial Civil Affairs Department withAAAAclass social organization, the Democratic League Central Committee awarded “Learning and practice base of China Democratic Alliance  , The United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee awarded the countrys first “New social stratum personage united front work practice innovation base” and listed by International Department, Central Committee of  CPC as Chinese nongovernmental organization for One Belt and  Road -international south-south cooperation programs.

Ramunion is devoted to public welfare activities such as: emergency rescue, volunteers of  helping elder and disabled, splendid traditional culture promotion,  the student financial aid and  poverty aid and so on. The public welfare programs launched by Ramunion such as Ramunion International  Rescue Team, “Ramunion Public Welfare University”, 99 Intelligence Search ”, Golden Fall Photography ”, Super Lifeguard”, “ Safety Self-rescue skills training ”, “ The Traditional Dragon Boat Racing  International  Performance and so on. So far, Ramunion  has  

participated in Nepal ,Pakistan, Italy, Mozambique and  other areas with total 10 times of international important rescue task. The programs such as public welfare university and  “ The Traditional Dragon Boat Racing  International  Performance” have been promoted to the whole globe in many countries and ares.

The evening of March 14, 2019,the strong tropical cyclones “Idai ”made landfall in the coastal city of Bela, Mozambique, caused over 100000  people need urgent evacuation  in Bela and  nearby. Ramunion had four team members and carried with  medical apparatus and instruments and  in total amount of 200000 RMB  including Chinese and western medicine and Canoe equipments. They stayed in the harder-hit area Bela City and provided with medic aid and after the disaster epidemic prevention knowledge publicity work for one week, and the action helped more than 3000 people.


Zhao Ming, who was the leader of  Chinese International Search and Rescue Team for Mozambique, Director of earthquake and Geological Disaster Rescue Department of the Ministry of emergency management of the people's Republic of China, exchanged the rescue plan with Ramunion President Lei  Xiaojun of  Ethiopia  at the scene.


Ramunion  President  Lei Xiaojun of  Ethiopia  said: Ramunion  is the gold name card by established in Ethiopia and awarded legally registered certificate which became the only  Chinese emergency rescue  public welfare organization and legally registered in Africa. It represented Ramunion  practiced "One Belt and Road "policy ,and represented  Go Out of  Chinese nongovernmental organizations for participating  in  international exchange and cooperation.


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