Front page Ramunion awarded the 1st batch of nationwide pilot units of emergency rescue team capability grading evaluation

Ramunion with its subordinates Ramunion  rescue team has participated in more than 30 times of international or national important rescue tasks and made outstanding performance  in the past 10 years. It was listed by National Emergency Management Department the 1st batch of  two  pilot units of  emergency rescue team capacity grading evaluation, this has lied the solid foundation for Ramunion rescue team to improve team building and apply for certificate of  USAR international heavy rescue.

The pilot units of  emergency rescue team capacity grading evaluation is charged by emergency management department for rescuing and coordinating  and emergency plan bureau. The working regulations were complied by INSARAG, international  rescue  evaluation expert who was the 1st Chinese expert, and the experts team leaders from America and Singapore of international heavy rescue .The regulation referred the guideline of INSARAG, WHO emergency medical classification and the minimum standard, evaluation guide for China earthquake disaster rescue team, represented the building of  Chinese public welfare organization will be in line with international standards.


INSARAG founded in 1991,launched  by the professional international USAR team which anticipated in joint action in Mexico Earthquake of 1985, and Armenia Earthquake of 1988.INSARAG is a governmental humanitarian network formed by disaster management  staffs, government officials, nongovernmental organizations and USAR team members, operating within the framework of the United Nations, its mission contributes to the implementation of  ISDR.


Ramunion rescue team was awarded by 1st national public social rescue force skills competition: Champion of water items,4th place of rope items,5th  place of demolition item

As the National emergency management department pays more and more attention to the development of social rescue, after organized  the 1st national public social rescue force skills competition in May 2019,and ascertained public social rescue force ,started the cause of pilot units of  emergency rescue team capacity grading evaluation.According to incomplete statistics, there are about 4000 social rescue organizations in nationwide, and the total number of active social rescue volunteers is about 400,000.The social rescue forces plays more and more vital role in emergency rescue and becomes the important back up of government.


In fact, Ramunion rescue team stays ahead of the aspects of team standard improvement and in line with international standards, and it is a model of social rescue force.


The First Asia-Pacific Countries and Regions Civil Organizations Disaster Rescue Summit Forum

Ramunion held the 1st Asia-Pacific Countries and Regions Civil Organizations Disaster Rescue Summit Forum on 12th May 2018. Delegates from Ramunion, Shanghai Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Technology centre, China Taiwan Hero team, China Taiwan Disaster Medical Rescue Association, A-pad Asia-Pacific Rescue Organization, Peace Wind Japan, American Patrick enterprise rescue team, Rescue team of Russian Far East Federal University of  Russia discussed the prospects and mechanisms for cooperation of Asia-Pacific regions civil rescue organizations. They conducted the Joint international rescue drill of Bolaven”, and signed  APRRO.

On 3rd Sept 2019 , Wang Xufang, member of the party committee of Zhejiang provincial emergency management department, deputy director-general, Ye Jian xun, director  of  the management office of emergency rescue and contingency plan came together to Ramunion, and attended the mobilization meeting of  2019 civil emergency rescue forces capability evaluation work, and established special work leading group.


Deputy director-general Wang Xufang listened carefully to the report and expressed  approval  on Ramunion for civil emergency rescue forces capability evaluation work. He pointed some instructions on the work and urged Ramunion to pay high attention to this evaluation work, and try to ensure the quality and quantity ,finish in time. Meanwhile, he said : the party committee of  Zhejiang provincial emergency management department will take this evaluation work as opportunity , to help the best and powerful organizations, and support the development of civil emergency rescue forces so that they can play vital rope at the crucial moment with efficient function.

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