The Fifth Outstanding builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics: The founder of Ramunion He Jun and other 100 nationwide outstanding non-public economic personnel received the grand commendation in Beijing.

In order to welcome the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, A joint meeting of The Fifth Non-public economic person and outstanding builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics was held by The United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of  Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China, State Administration for Market Regulation, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce a grand celebration was held in Beijing on early 29th Aug 2019 .。


Wang Yang, Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC, chairman of the CPPCC national committee, Liu He, member of the Political Bureau, and heads of all relevant departments of the central government attended the award ceremony with the 100 nationwide outstanding non-public economic personnel. He Jun Ramunion chairman of joint meeting and 33 outstanding representatives on behalf of the hundred of outstanding builders on stage to accept the commendation.


The founder of  Ramunion , chairman of joint meeting, He Jun, won the title of outstanding builder of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics

Among the Hundred of outstanding builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics there were representative figure of private economy: Lei Jun from Xiaomi Technology, Wang Chuan fu from BYD Auto,Chen Dong sheng from Taikang Life Insurance Company, Ding Lei from Netease, Lu Wei ding from Wan Xiang Group, and Zhang Hua mei , the applicant of China's first self-employed business license, most of them were entrepreneurs, except for He Jun who was the one and only representative of social organizations.

He Jun and outstanding builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics


He Jun  and  Lei jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group


He Jun  and Zheng Yong gang board chairman of  NingBo  Shanshan co., ltd.


He Jun  and Zhang Hua mei, the applicant of China's first self-employed business license

Wang Yang ,chairman of the CPPCC national committee, in his final address mentioned: the hundred of outstanding builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics were recommended from 200 million non -public economy and representatives of the new class, this is the so-called one form million. At the moment we are welcoming the the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the grand award ceremony is of significance and especially important. This  also demonstrates the CPC's firm determination to lead the people of all ethnic groups to build with a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and taking the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

He Jun and Ramunion

In 2003,He Jun found the civil organization Ramunion in Hangzhou Zhejiang Province. After 16 years of development, the quantity of registered professional volunteers from the initial 15 persons increased to now 28479persons.The public welfare activities all over the nation wide and abroad and many countries and areas. It becomes a  global Chinese public welfare organization that has received extensive attention from all aspects of society. Ramunion has been evaluated by Zhejiang Provincial Civil Affairs Department with“AAAA”class social organization, the Democratic League Central Committee awarded “Learning and practice base of China Democratic Alliance ” , The United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee awarded the country’s first “New social stratum personage united front work practice innovation base” and listed by International Department, Central Committee of  CPC as Chinese nongovernmental organization for “One Belt and  Road ”-international south-south cooperation programs.

Ramunion is devoted to public welfare activities such as: emergency rescue, volunteers of  helping elder and disabled, splendid traditional culture promotion,  the student financial aid and  poverty aid and so on. The public welfare programs launched by Ramunion such as “Ramunion International  Rescue Team”, “Ramunion Public Welfare University”, “99 Intelligence Search ”, “Golden Fall Photography ”, “Super Lifeguard”, “ Safety Self-rescue skills training ”, “ The Traditional Dragon Boat Racing  International  Performance” and so on.  

Emergency Rescue


Ramunion rescue team in LinHai “Typhoon Lekima fought typhoon and rescued front-line transferred trapped students.

Since the foundation of  Ramunion  rescue team in 2008,the perform of regular rescue mission with 235 times, took  part  in Wenchuan, Yushu, Yaan,Lu dian, Jingdu, Jiuzhaigou, Kangding of Si chuan, South of  Taiwan, Hualien earthquake, Taiwan,  Wanzhou of Chongqing bus fell into river and so on, with total amount of 30 times major rescue actions in domestic. The international rescue actions as: Nepal Pakistan Ecuador Italy Indonesia Mexico Thailand Laos Russia Mozambique total 10 times with the number of rescue of 6225.。

helping elder and disabled


Premier Li Keqiang inspected Ramunion Community elderly service centerLexiang Streetand said:Social Organization like Ramunion has the insight.

In the beginning of 2018,Ramunion volunteers from all walks of  life took  wedding photos for elder couples who have been married for more than 40 years freely in the communities of hangzhou, zhejiang province. They used their free time on weekend and drove the caravan to communities, the volunteers with clear division of work, some made up for elder, took photos. There were reception specially and  visitors took care of and accompanies the elderly, listening to the elders glorious past, recording the good memory of their long term marriage life.The volunteers had helped more than 100 elder couples with wedding photos.


99  Golden Fall Photography

99 Intelligence Search ”launching ceremony

Ramunion launched public benefit urgent search in 24hours Ramunion Care--  public assistance plan for missing  patients  with  Alzheimer Disease in Oct  2012.The  99 Intelligence Search platform launched in Hangzhou, based on the internet new thinking way the newest welfare search product combined the internet with the public benefit.The cell phone with installed  APP can solve   searching for the elder missing by accident which was the last kilometer problem in 2017. In `2018, the mini program “99 Intelligence Search”on-line, the operation is easy, and more efficient. By 1st Mar. 2019,the total amount of volunteers number is 26012,and helped missing people total number 465.


Ramunion Public Welfare University Chinese Zither Class

Ramunion Public Welfare University  founded in May 2014 as the public welfare class , formed by teachers volunteers ,adhered closely to the requirement of  community elder aid, disabled aid, with the aim for  empty nesters live alone, disabled ,and  dementia, to achieve the goal of improving their living skill and enriching  the  spiritual and cultural life. So far the branches includes:Hangzhou,Shanghai,Xian,Beijing,Ningxia,Xinjiang, Austria and Italy with total 25 schools. There were 12379 students in total.


Cultural Education

Ramunion “Super Lifeguard” program ,safety Self-rescue skills training launched in Bai Tower Park of Shang  cheng  district Hangzhou City. in  afternoon 19th Jan 2019. Super Lifeguard” safety Self-rescue skills training specialized developed for common population to grasp the skill of emergency and disaster rescue, with theory and practice combination, contextualization, and experience the safety knowledge and skill series classes. It contained three parts of courses: pre-hospital care, handling the disaster and fire treated. The class included all the potential accident situation in daily life,such as A sudden shock,traffic accident,drowning,fire and so on.


Super Lifeguard Bai tower base

June 2019,The Traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Racing  ”Xihu Hangzhou

Ramunion paid attention to splendid traditional Chinese cultural promotion. In order to let more foreigners know well about China and express more good voice of China, stories of China, from the year 2009,inXixi Wetland ,Hangzhou, Xi 'an yanta lake, Kongque river at the foot of  Tianshan mountain in Xinjiang, the Seine in Paris, Danube Vienna, Arno river  Florence, Evan lake, Dallas and all around the world, Ramunion had perfectly transferred the traditional Chinese dragon boat spirit  “Those are in the same boat should row together, the power of unity is stronger than The Great Wall   to the whole world. Meanwhile, political leaders and overseas Chinese were invited to attend the  grand ceremony of sighting and blessing to express the  good wish The rain nourishes the land, the blessing contains all the people to overseas Chinese and people of all nationalities.

Arno river  Florence The Traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Racing in July 2019

He Jun inspired in front of the glory “outstanding builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics”: This meaningful glory belongs to those all forge ahead with determination ,dedicated group of ramunion volunteers and the whole new class. In the  big time, only those who acted and responsible can achieve the position, facing the past glory and

praise I have to be work harder and make more efforts ,cherish every achievement, so that I can live up to the party central committee and the people of the country's trust and love.


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