Defend Linhai with 20 hours:this group of “rescue staff in yellow ”save lives by their body.

The number nine typhoon, the severest typhoon Lekima caused heavy raining, the whole city Linhai was submerged Tai zhou District Zhejiang province. It ranked the highest water level on record, many  people were trapped and missing and the infrastructure were badly damaged.  


From the night of defense typhoon and staying alert  9th Aug, the  1st team 15 persons from 2nd branch ,East China team of  Ramunion rescue team without any rest, under the leading of  Qu Dashuai who used to took part in Changning earthquake rescue ,Yibin,as the team leader.They drove 4 vehicles and delivered substarcraft, kayaking ,life jacket, paddle board, electric saw, stretcher, medical bag and other rescue equipment and supplies, together with Ramunion rescue team with total 5 persons(taking with substarcraft, kayaking, string and other rescue equipment)  in Lishui from different direction to disaster area.Meanwhile, the 2nd team of  2nd branch was ready in take action to be ready to rush to the front line for support


at 00:30 11th Aug,the 2nd branch team reached the disaster area, after the report and assignment confirmed they rescue immediately.

By 2:20,the rescue staff transferred 3 people in  one residence of  Lucheng road, among them there was one child. The deepest depth of water reached the chest. Ramunion rescue team total 5 members reached and joined up with the 2nd branch, then they worked together to move the trapped people. The rescue members against the time and did their best to move the trapped people quickly, if delay one more minute, people will be in more danger situation.


After the whole night of hard fighting, till the morning 7 oclock 11th Aug,  the Ramunion  moved  the trapped people in total nearly 200,due to the over exhaustion of strength ,they divided in groups to have rest and made supplies.


The rescue team received the hard task on 10:30:move the trapped people who were 17 adults and 16 children and were trapped over 40 hours in WanXiang Tennis School

Wan Xiang Tennis School was like an isolated depression after the typhoon. And in the past 45 hours,due to the unclear about the water depth ,no body can enter it till the Ramunion rescue team walk  hard in water for 3 hours. There was no drinkable water and food any more for long time. When saw the Ramunion  rescue tem members, the children were all shouted for joy.


The Ramunion  members of  East China team  had  worked  for 36hours,even they did not have a short rest they tore the wall of the school from the back, and cleared the campus of silt and dredged the    water. When the water line lower to waist, they indicated the adult to walk out by themselves, to be safe, they need followed the path which was confirmed by rescue team, and then recited the children from   inside one by one. By the afternoon 13:30,all the trapped people were moved safely.


Due to the extreme exhaustion, “people in yellow had already “collapsed .The Tennis School provided them with clean beds for breaking, but the team adhered to the task principle of “self-sufficiency, no trouble to disaster area ,so they relaxed just on the ground. They were no willing to wet the childrens beds with their never dry clothes since they entered the disaster area.


By 16:00 of afternoon , a puerperal will give birth ,so she needed go to hospital top urgently, the   emergency situation. Ramunion  reacue team drove the car right away,and some ares of the road with water depth over 50cm,they were very careful and drove her to hospital successfully. The woman and her family expressed many thanks to the rescue team which made them very  gratified. They all silently blessed the little life that will come to this world, and hoped he will grow up safe and heathy.


Ramunion rescue team perfectly fulfilled the task after fighting in Linhai for the lasted twenty hours.

During the campaign of defense Lekima, Ramunion rescue team made the right evaluation on  typhoon situation from a professional perspective, and prepared well and took measures in advance for he mission. When  Linhai was in danger, they rushed to be there the first time and rescue people, they di their best to keep the possibility of saving lifes and stopped property loss. The total number for the campaign was 60,and 20 carried on the rescue this time,with 4 rescue cars,2 substarcrafts, 6 kayaking,60 life jackets, medical and food total 12o pcs. They transferred 200 people, and saved 35.


The front-line Ramunion rescue team in Linhai defense typhoon:

Qu Dashuai  Wang Kai Wang Yizhe Shi Ping Yang Jianwu

Zhang Guofu Li Zhu Xia Yushu Wang Yawei Shen Tao

Huang Baowei Gan Caihong Wu Haibo Yu Decai Guan Dongwei

Shi Yongjun Bao Zhonghua Zhu Yinyou Lin Shiquan Zou Minjian

And all the standby staff.

Thanks to all the all parts of society for the concern and support to Ramunion public benefit cause.

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